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Lab Safety Training

All users of the ICPMS/TIMS facility are required to complete safety training.  The University requires several online training courses.  These can be found through Axess using your SUnet ID (see notes below for additional information on locating the training modules).

  • EHS-1900 Chemical Safety for Laboratories
  • EHS-4200 General Safety, Injury Prevention (IIPP) and Emergency Preparedness

If you will be working the lab rooms GES 002 or GES 044, the following class is also required.

  • EHS-2200 Compressed Gas Safety

If you anticipate performing uranium or lead isotopic analyses, radiation safety training will also be required.

  • EHS-5250 Radiation Safety Training

In addition to the University requirements, all lab users must complete a lab-specific training prior to starting lab work. Contact Karrie to find out the next time this training will be offered (typically once per quarter).


Finding the required online training courses in Axess:

  • Log in to axess using your SUNet ID
  • Choose the STARS link at the top of the page
  • Use the search box to search for the full name of each course.  For example, type EHS-1900 . Simply entering the course number only (1900) will not return any search results.
  • You will receive a confirmation email upon course completion.  Forward this email to Karrie. If you do not receive and email, go to the "My Training" -> "All Learning" selection in the STARS menu.  Choose "Training History" and send Karrie a screenshot showing your completed courses.